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underwater videography

3 hrs Private Videography tutorial session

I am offering a unique opportunity to learn how to shoot your own underwater movies and photography - Here in Los Angeles at My Pool.

Epic cuts and moving editing:

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ArtHouse Videography by Lǐ xiǎoméi 李小梅


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Exclusive Underwater Technique Instruction:

Performer Instruction

Whether you are bringing a stand-in, or want to learn how to direct the best performance out of your future collaborations, there is no better way to understand but by learning how to perform yourself. You may bring guests, each guest is $300

Outdoor Lighting Instruction

Outdoor lighting can be optimized and defined to produce different effects, depending on the type of logistics, time-frame and wardrobe you wish to shoot

iPhone Videography Instruction

I prefer to use Smartphones for shooting, please ensure you PURCHASE various UW IP68 cases for shooting in the pool. You may bring other equipment, and these all have different capabilities, I can ensure you get the best results out of your preferred equipment.

DOP Instruction

Learn the correct terminology to best communicate to your collaborations how you wish to frame the shoot for each scene. Learn about blocking, movement control in the water, grips that can help you achieve better results.

Post Production Instruction

Post-production relies on the quality of footage you have achieved. Ratios I use are approximately one hour of filming, yields 3 minutes of footage. This then determines what equipment you need for editing.

Logistics Instruction

Shoots well planned in advance yield the best results, and less throwaway footage from bad equipment, performance, or wardrobe problems. I have done underwater performing since film camera shoots, where every frame was costly and had to be prepared in advance

Private Session AGENDA

I have been doing underwater balletic movement films for over 10 years using only simple equipment - an iPhone and selection of underwater Cases. The Art of underwater Movie-Making is difficult to pick up without lots of wasted effort, expensive equipment, and typical hazards that delay and miss out on your opportunity. In a private one-to-one session, I will coach you through 6 areas I have learned over the course of many expensive mistakes, so that you go away with ACTUAL skills and footage to practice your own edits with.

11:00 AM Pool Time, Grip Set-up, Props.

2-3:00 PM Hard Stop

Options for your budget group, privates, and club

Group, or Additional Guest Ticket | $300 per person

Group means that my attention is divided between the number of spots in the pool. Largest group size is 4 including myself. I limit the number of bodies in the pool to minimize surface movement and reset times.

Privates | $500

Privates give you my sole attention, you may bring one additional guest as a stand-in to learn performance techniques at the group ticket price of $300 per session.

Club | $1200

Club Ticket, is a team commitment with an added value break, not a discount break. You may book 2 Privates, and recieve additional DSLR training, or share any two sessions, with given hands-on PreProduction Experience. Club Ticket, is spread over a two day period of your choice

Choose your Learning Experience:

I am opening up my decades of experience in self portrait videography to teach others how to perform and enjoy aquaphile photography better for themselves and their partners.

Group, or Additional Guest Ticket | $300 per person

Guests, models, stand-ins, can come for a direct tuition on how to perform underwater within the frame and receive direction from their shooting partners. The ticket price is per person, per session.

Privates | $500

After choosing your private session from the Calendly booking system, I will be in touch after payment is recieved to go through the game plan you with to achieve on this shoot.

Club | $1200

Spend a two-day event with me to train and experience production. We will enjoy a social evening going over plans for the following day and aquaphile stories.

Club Ticket extras...

I am offering a unique opportunity to learn how to shoot your own underwater movies and photography - and participate in a video shoot.

DSLR Fundamentals

Production Technique

Equipment Purchase Strategy

2nd Camera Operation

Logistics Strategy

Extended Social Time


Limited Season Availability


I am currently developing a feature film based on an epic Ancestral Autobiography that rediscovers Mermaids, Matriarchs, Shamaness Seers of my forbearers and their epigenetic adaptions that gave them fringe and superathlete traits.

Today, in the Western world, our physical experience of life is constructed on compartmentalized and segregated belief systems, but this alienates many who do not fit neuro-typical patterns, who live in this world inherited from their ancestors through the unfiltered folds of the brain.

We do not just function differently like a bird's nest of different wiring, we experience the world through different boundaries of reality, associated by the different folds in our brains. Generations collide through time like memories that swim through water, we are one, with a collective consciousness that is always pirating the stormy waters of survival.

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