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Chillout Visual fx

Supergloss RED

Download this 40-minute video for Visual Effects screening to bring exquisite form play into your home "Supergloss ASMR Red or Dead Collection"

This is one of a series of VJing chillout Underwater Dance Visuals: Supergloss RED ASMR

Use with your own music as long as credit linked to

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More VJ Casting Content Here is a growing list of other videos in the Supergloss ASMR Red series.

Supergloss RED 1 (27 mins) | Diamond Kisses

Supergloss RED 2 (7 mins) | Supermom in Heels

Supergloss RED 3 (6 mins) | So Worth it

Supergloss ASMR (41 mins) | Red or Dead Collection







Download The Red Hot 41 Minute Party Loop - for only $20!

Note this content is rated as Mature [M]

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Diamond Kisses

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So worth it

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Glossy ASMR

I am a Patreon Creator

I am an Autistic Visual Artist and professional underwater iphone videographer. I have developed the craft of filming my artistic swimming from years of managing my sensory processing disorder from my Autism. Swimming underwater, and striving to continuously improve the skill and aesthetics of my underwater performance art is my ongoing craft, lifestyle, and healing journey.

Outside of the artistic swimming compilations, my creative process is tangential to the study of anatomy, physiology, neurology and healing. I successfully manage my post-surgical hip prosthetic from a total hip replacement, and am always working on improving my physical capabilities in performance.

There are no special effects or CGI, all the visual effects are captured as they appear in-camera, on multiple breathholds.


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I was present for many years on various social networks creating beautiful backdrop visuals and underwater dance to capture the joy and love of the aquaphile moment. However, Patreon has enabled me to increase the production value of my performance art, in a way that YouTube and other platforms were not rewarding me for my efforts.

Without Patreon I would not have been able to package my content and make it more widely available for others to enjoy. My Patrons have guided me and helped me maintain creative control over my Visual Content rather than producing it to simply feed YouTube for more non-paying subscribers. If you really appreciate my art, then you become an active production designer by supporting my next shoots.



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