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The most beautiful and unreal underwater intimate experience

I am a natural in the water, the way I move, my gestures, this balletic movement of underwater flow is intimately captured and set to an epic Chill Soundtrack.

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Epic cuts and moving editing:

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ArtHouse Films by Lǐ xiǎoméi 李小梅


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Exquisite Underwater Exotic Photography:

About This Art Film

I have been doing underwater balletic movement films for 10 years as a personal Somatic Experience to provide me my own soothing for my Sensory Dysfunctions. I am Autistic and process the world almost out-of-synch to the real world due to sensory overload, however, my experience of this constant stream of information can be quite beautiful and enlightening. So I decided to relay on film as much as I can translate from my World...

Some Beautiful ArtPieces Available From This Film mermaids are real

The Calligraphy on This Piece of ArtWork is Written in "Oracle Bone" Script. An Ancient form of Chinese Hieroglyphic Writing that I Study Alongside my Chinese Ancestry. It reads "Mermaids are Real".

In South China, where my Forbearers are from, we carry ancestral Genes on Chromasome 2, called EPAS1 - commonly called "the Super Athlete Gene" which enables higher energy transfer when Hypoxy stimulated. In other words, in thin mountain air, or constant Pearl Diving, our metabolisms switch easily to Ketabolic Processes which enable the brain to recieve energy in low oxygen conditions, By burning Body Fats which require less oxygen.


My Films are all themed towards aesthetics and beautiful movement, so that they can be run muted to whichever music you choose.

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Shine is a film where I am focused on my usual breathhold training, to focus on relaxing with as little movement as possible and controlled bubble blowing.

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AMA Mazu

Lin Moniang was an Ancestor who wore red while swimming to help those in trouble at at sea. She became deified after her death.

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New Start

I find the courage to try new things this year, all in a shiny suit.

Learn how to shoot underwater movies...

I am offering a unique opportunity to learn how to shoot your own underwater movies and photography - Here in Los Angeles at My Pool.

Performer Instruction

Outdoor Lighting Instruction

iPhone Videography Instruction

DOP Instruction

Post Production Instruction

Logistics Instruction


Limited Season Availability


I am currently developing a feature film based on an epic Ancestral Autobiography that rediscovers Mermaids, Matriarchs, Shamaness Seers of my forbearers and their epigenetic adaptions that gave them fringe and superathlete traits.

Today, in the Western world, our physical experience of life is constructed on compartmentalized and segregated belief systems, but this alienates many who do not fit neuro-typical patterns, who live in this world inherited from their ancestors through the unfiltered folds of the brain.

We do not just function differently like a bird's nest of different wiring, we experience the world through different boundaries of reality, associated by the different folds in our brains. Generations collide through time like memories that swim through water, we are one, with a collective consciousness that is always pirating the stormy waters of survival.

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